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A Holistic Approach To Prosper Through Anxiety And Depression

We offer the right support, so you can have more energy, gain control of your mind and body, and experience a life of ease.

With Our 1:1 Holistic Life Coaching You Will...

Have more energy and feel better when you begin working with your body instead of against it.
Improve your relationships by developing your communication skills and setting healthy boundaries.
Have confidence in yourself and adopt a positive mindset that allows you to achieve your goals.

Discover how K.I.G. can support you!

Anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression knows, it’s an inside war you don’t typically talk about. But you DON’T have to face that battle alone or remain a prisoner. You CAN have internal freedom!

You don’t have to constantly feel anxious at work, home, and beyond until it starts to dismantle your life. Something inside you knows there has to be a better way, but you aren’t sure where to start or how to initiate true growth.

A holistic approach offers more options, from multiple directions that focus on each part of you. K.I.G. is here to offer support, encouragement, and methods for coping with panic attacks and depression. Our mission is to show you the possibilities life can bring when your body feels restored and you have the right tools to achieve your goals.

“Elizabeth was great. She really knew her product [Solle Naturals] and she went above and beyond to help me. Many thanks!”


– Dora

About K.I.G.'s CEO & Lead coach

Hi, I’m Elizabeth McClung.

I’ve been right where you are. I too struggled with anxiety and depression. I was a frequent flyer on ambulance rides to the hospital convinced I was having a heart attack. When the doctors labeled it “anxiety” I felt shame and I felt weak. I was given medication and yet it only made things horribly worse. It eventually manifested into agoraphobia and my world became small. Like a domino effect, it started affecting my family, my job, and everything in my life.

Then something magnificent happened. Someone walked into my life and offered me solid support and introduced me to a line of natural supplements, the right kind of medicine that worked better for me, and then everything shifted. The door blew open to discovering how important my beliefs are and I learned holistic practices to help me work through my experiences with anxiety and depression that have allowed me to be at peace in my mind and body. By knowing the proper ways to take care of myself I was able to self empower and boost my confidence. My anxiety and depression no longer controlled me.

After the transformation I had gone through, I became a holistic life coach! Now I’ve made it my mission to show up for any human struggling with anxiety and depression. I vow to take everything I’ve learned from my personal experiences and life coach training that have produced my success and give that back to you, so you struggle less. This is why I developed a method for success and put together a dedicated team for K.I.G., so we can reach those who are struggling with their anxiety and depression and help them transform! 

Elizabeth McClung
CEO and Lead Coach at K.I.G.

K.I.G. Offers 1:1 Coaching to Support You.

“It is evident from the very first meeting how much Elizabeth loves helping people dig deep to identify and push through whatever barriers are holding them back from reaching [their] full potential!

– G.S.

Why K.I.G. Life Coaching?

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Holistic Approach

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3 Steps to Begin Your Journey...

#1. Schedule a complimentary discovery call.

#2. Receive an action plan.

#3. Push through anxiety, depression, and other barriers to fulfill your purpose!